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“It is not power that corrupts but fear. The fear of losing power corrupts those who wield it, and the fear of the scourge of power corrupts those who are subject to it.”


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My favourite feeling in the world is being inspired

Yet another opinion piece on Syria…

I realise that I’ve been neglecting this blog recently. In fact, I’ve been neglecting politics recently.

I feel that it has become so contradictory with the current crisis in Syria that I, similarly to others in the general public, have no idea who to believe or what to think about this humanitarian crisis- and so, I just have stepped back away from it.

Certainly the footage, seemingly of the effects of chemical weapons on Syrian civilians, is disturbing and compels me to want to prevent an attack of this sort happening again.  However the shadow of the Iraq War hangs over this situation and bodes the question as to whether we should learn from our mistakes or follow our hearts.

Emotive events such as this always seem to evoke greater responses from the public.  (Hence the protests that have already taken place in London and will continue to do so).  There are the humanitarian- sympathisers who are keen to send aid to Syria, take in refugees and arm the rebels.  On the other hand, there are those who question why it is always Britain who must intervene. Why not Germany, with it’s booming economy and arguably a larger political influence over European countries?  

For someone who was too young to follow the Iraq War back in 2003, I have yet to witness such a divide in global politics.  Despite initially being put- off by this disagreement, I am now interested to see how this event will pan out.

Just starting to watch The West Wing… It’s fantastic!

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All hail the UK!

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Proud that gay marriage has had so much publicity in America.  The same is needed in the UK- I’m all for equality.

Political Animals

An incredible American TV show which should be renewed for a second season! Want a brief- insight into American politics? C’est parfait!

Summary of Woolwich Terrorist Attack

  • Drummer Lee Rigby was a soldier in his early 20s who was hacked to death by two Islamic extremists on 22 May 2013 in Woolwich whilst he was returning to the Woolwich Barracks after partaking in an army recruitment event in central London.  
  • Michael Adebolajo, of Romford, Essex, and Michael Adebowale, of Greenwich, south east London ran Rigby over with a car and then used knives to murder him. 
  • They remained at the scene until the police arrived, encouraging passers by to video and take pictures of them.  
  • The attackers told the passers by that the attack was to avenge Muslims killed by the British military.  Both were British, of Nigerian descent who were raised as achristians and who were converted to Islam.
  • When armed police arrived, Adebolajo and Adebowale tried to attack them but were shot.  They were taken to separate hospitals.
  • The MoD has issued a statement saying that it is urgently investigating the incident.
  • The Home Secretary Theresa May chaired a meeting of the Cabinet Office Briefing Room committee (COBRA)[62] attended by the Defence Secretary Philip Hammond, the Mayor of London Boris Johnson, the Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, the Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner Cressida Dick and other unnamed members of the intelligence agencies. The Prime Minister David Cameron cut short a visit to Paris to chair a second COBRA meeting.

This country will be absolutely resolute in its stand against extremism and terror. This action was a betrayal of Islam and the Muslim communities that give so much to our country. We will defeat violent extremism by standing together. We will not rest until we know every detail. [The attackers told Ingrid Loyau-Kennett that] they wanted to start a war in London and she replied, “You are going to lose, it is you against many.” She speaks for all of us.

- David Cameron, Woolwich Statement